Who Would Benefit from an Open MRI?

When many people think of an MRI, they think of a tiny, closed-in tube. For many, that is a frightening thought. However, there is another option to consider: open MRIs. An open MRI is an excellent option for many people, including:

Patients with Claustrophobia and Anxiety

Taking a person who experiences extreme anxiety or panic attacks in enclosed spaces and placing them in a little tube with instructions not to move is a bad idea. An open MRI is precisely what it sounds like: open. This provides greater comfort for claustrophobic patients during their scan and can prevent panic attacks.

Patients with Disabilities or Mobility Issues

To scan specific body parts, the part must be placed in the center of the machine. With an open MRI, it is easier to get the body part directly under the magnet. It is also much easier to get in and out of the machine. This makes it much easier for patients with disabilities or mobility issues to receive an MRI scan.

Larger Patients

Traditional closed MRIs are very small and cramped. This creates issues for patients of a larger size. With an open MRI, patients of all shapes and sizes can easily get an MRI scan with no difficulties.

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