What You Should Know About Knee MRIs

diagnostic imaging in Edison NJAn abnormality within your knee joint could be a cause for diagnostic imaging in Edison, NJ. These abnormalities can be caused by a variety of different issues, including arthritis, bone fractures, damaged cartilage, infections, tumors, problems with implants, or even fluid buildup. By using our high-field 1.2T open MRI machine, our doctors are able to get a better idea of what is going on in your knee joints so that the proper treatment can be started.

Unlike X-rays or CT scans, an MRI machine actually doesn’t use any radiation–instead it uses magnets and radio waves. That makes it a safer alternative, especially for children and pregnant women. Metal in your body, however, such as pacemakers or implanted screws and pins, can be a problem for MRI machines. Your doctor will discuss the safety and risks with you before you are placed into the machine to reduce the chance of any potential issues.

Preparing for Your Knee MRI

The first steps to preparing for your knee MRI are to receive a complete physical and review of your medical history. The doctor will discuss the different steps to the process, including the contrast dye that may be used during the procedure. Your doctor will guide you through the scanning process, which typically takes less than an hour to complete. At the end of the scan, your doctor will go over the results with you so that the next steps of your treatment can begin.