What Kind of Scan Do You Need?

advanced medical imaging in Metuchen

At Woodbridge Radiology, we want to give all of our patients a comfortable, calm, and easy imaging experience. From beginning to end, we want to work with our patients and their doctors to make sure that everyone is getting the right information that they need. If you have never had any diagnostic imaging done before, it can be overwhelming to learn about the different types and variations that exist. Here are a few of our most common types of tests and the patients who benefit from them the most.

Digital X-Ray – X-ray imaging is one of the most well-known and widely used types of medical imaging. This kind of scan uses a small dose of radiology to look at your bones and the surrounding areas. People who usually have to have an X-ray are those with injuries or pain that can be attributed to issues in their bones.

CT scan – CT scans are a little more advanced than an X-ray, especially regarding what they can show your doctor. This type of testing uses a combination of contrast materials and a small dose of radiation to produce slices or different angled pictures of your body. The people who benefit the most from CT scans are those who need a detailed image of their bones, some tissues, and specific joints in their body.

MRI – The MRI is considered one of the most complete and accurate types of scans available. An MRI uses no radiation to produce the images of your body but instead uses magnetic fields to help give a detailed look at your bones, soft tissues, joints, and organs.  Patients who require an MRI are looking for the most comprehensive image of what’s happening in their body, along with a view of a combination their bones, joints, and tendons as well.

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