What is DTI & How It Can Help You

advanced medical imaging in MetuchenTraumatic brain injury can happen as a result of repeated concussions, a car accident, or just frequent, violent blows to the skull. There are varying levels of traumatic brain injuries, but regardless of what level they might be classified in, they are all to be taken as a severe medical condition. Luckily with plenty of medical advances, these debilitating injuries can be understood better with a procedure called DTI, or diffusion tensor imaging. Here is a brief overview of DTI, something we offer at Woodbridge Radiology, and how it can help those with traumatic brain injuries live more comfortable lives.

DTI & How It Works

First, to understand how DTI works, we have to talk about how the brain is made of and how it functions. The brain is made most grey and white matter: grey matter is the outer parts of the brain and white being the inner. The white matter of the brain contains something called axonal tracts, which are essentially the wires of the brain and the transmitters of messages throughout your body. When these tracts are injured, they cause issues with speech, coordination, and can also cause seizures.

These axonal tracts are what causes those with a traumatic brain injury to exhibit the symptoms that they do. With DTI, an MRI technician and physician can monitor the water flow within the brain and throughout the axonal tracts. If there is a severe injury to the brain, the water molecules passing through the axonal tracts are paused or not as frequent, which can be seen through DTI. This helps physicians understand what areas of the brain are the most affected by the injury.

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