What Can an MRI Detect?

If your doctor orders an MRI to be done, there’s a reason why he’s chosen that specific test over advanced medical imaging in Metuchenother diagnostic imaging. MRIs can be used to detect a variety of different illnesses, conditions, and injuries, however many people do not know the extent of what this type of testing can find. Here are some things that an MRI can detect and diagnose for a doctor.

The cause of your migraines – If you have constant migraines that are preventing you from living a full, healthy life, your doctor may order an MRI of your brain. While there are many different causes of migraines, such as diet, stress, and other genetic factors, an MRI can help to pinpoint what exactly is causing it.

The cause of your eye problems – If you’re experiencing a sudden onset of blurry vision, or eye pain, an MRI can be ordered to view what’s causing it. This will help your doctor see what’s happening in your optic and auditory nerves, allowing them to get a better view of what’s going on in your eyes.

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