The Value of MRIs in Diagnosing Specific Spinal Disc Problems

doctor showing patient results of spine mriThere is a great deal of pain associated with spinal disc problems, such as protrusion and herniation. A variety of treatment options are possible, depending on the precise diagnosis and the severity of the individual patient’s condition. Before any decisions can be made, information is essential. Your doctor can get that information with radiology in Edison, NJ.

We recommend diagnostic imaging using the Wide Bore 3T Magnetom Skyra MRI, available at our center. This machine provides sharp images, has a short scan time, and offers comfort that benefits everyone involved from physicians to patients.

It’s important for those suffering from spinal disc problems to get a quality MRI. This allows our radiologists to get a clear view of the soft tissues of the spine, pinpoint the problems, and inform your doctor who then can make informed treatment decisions that benefit you.

This MRI machine is patient-friendly. It is designed with more room on the inside. This makes it easier to accommodate patients of all sizes and shapes with a maximum capacity of 550 pounds. With more open space, patients feel more comfortable during the imaging process. This design also is recommended for patients with claustrophobia.

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