Preventing Sports Injuries

diagnostic imaging in new jerseyPlaying any sport comes with risks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take precautions. Here are a few ways that you can prevent a sports injury.

Stretching and Cooldown – It is essential to warm up and stretch before any physical activity to prepare your muscles for movement. You should also do a cool down exercise and stretch after playing a sport to return your body to resting mode safely.

Rest Days – Overuse injuries can crop up when you don’t take time to rest your body. Be sure to take a day off of training at least once a week to prevent overuse injuries.

Flexibility Exercises – Maintaining proper flexibility is vital for any sport to prevent injury. Careful stretching before and after training can help with this. It can also help to do yoga a few times per week.

Proper Form – Always use proper techniques when exercising to ensure that your body is moving in a way that is natural for it. Weight lifters often use a mirror to make sure their body is positioned correctly while lifting. Athletes should also be able to rely on a coach to critique their form.

Safety – Wear proper safety gear and appropriate clothing when training or playing a sport. You should also do your best to stay hydrated.

Listen to Your Body – If something doesn’t feel right with your body while training, you should stop and find out what is wrong before you continue — ignoring a strange pain or a weird feeling in your body while exercising can result in an injury.

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