When It Is Time for Advanced Imaging in New Jersey

When you are not feeling your best or have sustained an injury, you want to find out what is causing your pain or discomfort as soon as possible. However, working with your doctor to find out what is causing your issues may not be as simple as a blood test, and there may be other procedures involved in figuring out what is going on. When your doctor thinks that you might be a candidate for advanced imaging in New Jersey, there are certain things they look for in your condition or illness that lead them to that conclusion. Here are just a few instances in which your doctor may decide that diagnostic imaging needs to be done to solve your medical problems.

You have recently had a heart attack – One of the most comprehensive ways to view damage or abnormalities in the heart is through an MRI. If your doctor thinks you should have advanced imaging in New Jersey after a heart attack, it is most likely to see what condition the heart is currently in, what damage was done during the heart attack, and what, if possible, caused the heart attack in the first place. MRI’s and CT scans give doctors detailed, thorough images of this area of your body, and bring to light any problems you could be facing now or down the road.

You have recently had a back injury – Another reason why your doctor might order advanced imaging in New Jersey for you is that you have recently suffered a back injury. Whether you have just thrown your back out while shoveling your driveway or have had back pain for many years, your doctor will most likely order some form of imaging depending on what kind of injury you sustained. Your doctor will most likely order an MRI or an X-ray to show where the injury is in your back: the bone or one of your discs.

You have chronic migraines or headaches – There are plenty of different reasons why you could be having chronic migraines or headaches. From clenching your teeth when you are stressed to sinus-related issues, headaches can be caused by a variety of different factors, conditions, and situations. However, if you are being treated for migraines or headaches and they have not gotten any better, your doctor may send you for advanced imaging in New Jersey to look at the issue a little more closely. More likely than not, your physician will send you for an MRI if you are experiencing chronic headaches or migraines, due to the level of detail that type of imaging provides.

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