Closed vs. Open MRI in Woodbridge, NJ

One of the most significant advances in modern medical technology has been the open MRI machine. At Woodbridge Radiology, we offer state-of-the-art testing in our open MRI in Woodbridge, NJ, which allows our patients a less constricting testing experience. However, closed MRI machines are also progressing not only in the technology but the patient experience aspect as well. Many of our patients have questions on the difference between the two types of MRI machines, in efforts to figure out what testing environment would be right for them. Here are just a few of the main variances of closed MRI’s versus open MRI’s, and how you and your doctor can determine what one is best for your needs.

Closed MRI’s

A closed MRI, which is another way to describe the traditional MRI machine, was on the cutting edge of technology when they first debuted in the field of diagnostic imaging. Utilizing soundwaves and magnetic fields, this MRI machine has the patient lie down while they are being scanned in large, enclosed tube. This MRI machine, unlike the open MRI in Woodbridge, NJ, keeps the patient within the bore, which is the tube-like structure that scans the patient. While this method is still being used throughout most diagnostic imaging centers, many patients and radiologists prefer the open MRI method of testing.

Open MRI’s

A newer form of the traditional MRI machine, open MRI’s provide patients and physicians a more relaxed, less-constricting environment to have testing done. When you receive an open MRI in Woodbridge, NJ, you are scanned without the confines of the bore that you pass through on a closed MRI test. The reason that many patients choose to have an open MRI in Woodbridge, NJ, as opposed to a closed test, is that it is more comfortable. An open MRI is the ideal diagnostic imaging setting for those who have mobility issues or require additional space during their scan.

If you are researching where to have an open MRI in Woodbridge, NJ, look no further than our state-of-the-art facility at Woodbridge Radiology. To learn more about your diagnostic imaging options or to schedule an appointment with us, call us today at (732) 326-1515.