How to Prepare for an X-Ray Imaging in Woodbridge

It does not matter if you are having an MRI or a CT scan done, preparing for any diagnostic imaging has its own checklist of things you have to do beforehand. Many of the items you need to do to get ready are universal for all imaging, but each kind of test has certain things that need to be considered before the procedure. When you are getting ready for X-ray imaging in Woodbridge, your doctor will go over specific things you need to do leading up to the exam, such as asking you if there is any chance you are pregnant. However, there are things you need to do individually to prepare. Here are some ways in which you can prepare for an X-ray.

Remove all jewelry – This usually goes without saying when you are preparing for X-ray imaging in Woodbridge, but it is essential that you remove all jewelry before getting your test done. Additionally, it is also asked of patients to remove any other metal accessories (if possible) outside of their jewelry, such as zippers and dental gear. Metal can interfere with the procedure and not allow a clear picture of your body to be taken.

Leave your glasses at home – If you wear glasses regularly and are having X-ray imaging in Woodbridge done, it is best to leave them at home and opt for your contact lenses that day. Since most eyeglasses have metal, wireframes, it is vital that you not wear them the day of your test. Like wearing metal jewelry, glasses can inhibit the diagnostic imaging by blocking or creating a screen over the parts of the body that the X-ray is scanning.

Wear comfortable clothing – During X-ray imaging in Woodbridge, you will be asked to wear a hospital gown for the procedure itself. This will help to ensure that you are able to move comfortably if asked, and also allow for the imaging to be as precise as possible. Since you will be changing into a medical gown before you have your test done, wear comfortable clothes to the facility. This will help to make switching in and out of your clothes easier, and also make for a more relaxing, stress-free testing experience.

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