MRI Facts vs. Fiction

There are plenty of misconceptions out there regarding diagnostic imaging. At Woodbridge Radiology, we have heard it all when it comes to things patients think about getting an MRI as opposed to what is the truth of it. Here are just a few common statements we have heard in regards to getting an MRI and if it is a fact or fiction.

“I do not need an order from my doctor to receive an MRI.”

Fact or fiction: This is fiction. You do need a doctor’s order or prescription to receive an MRI, as it is a federally mandated law. This is not only to protect doctors in the case that someone should have complications with his or her test, but this is also to protect the patient as well. Having a doctor sign off on you receiving an MRI is proof that you have met the criteria needed for getting one done.

“I am going to be exposed to large amounts of radiation when I get my MRI done.”

Fact or fiction: This is also fiction. Contrary to popular belief, MRI’s do not use radiation to produce their images. Instead, an MRI uses a combination of magnets and sound waves to develop the image needed in the body and does not require any radiation of any type.

“Open MRI’s are only used for patients that have mobility issues.”

Fact or fiction: This above statement is also fiction as well. Open MRI’s can be used in a variety of patient needs, situations, and environments, and are not only limited to those who require mobility assistance. Many times, an open MRI experience is used in place of the traditional MRI because the patient has claustrophobia or a fear of enclosed areas.

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