Metal Implants & MRI’s: What You Need to Know

Not all metal implants are created equal when it comes to having them and having to receive certain forms of diagnostic imaging. When you are about to undergo an MRI, your doctor will ask you if you have any metal implants, since they cannot go through this form of imaging because of safety reaso

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ns. However, you should be aware what kind of metal implants and the reasons why they cannot go through an MRI machine. Here a just a few that you should know:

Pacemakers – These powerful, life-saving devices are known also known as artificial hearts, but cannot go through an MRI machine. Since they have metal parts in them, it is imperative that you let your doctor know that you have one before they schedule your MRI. An MRI uses magnets to produce their images, and those with pacemakers are cautioned to stay away from this type of imaging for safety reasons.

Certain prosthetics – Another common metal implant that cannot go through an MRI machine are metal prosthetic limbs and organs. Certain things like titanium steel replacements for bones, specific hip replacements, and other organs that may have metal in them cannot pass through an MRI machine because the magnets can move or displace them in your body.

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