Learning to Relax During Your MRI

If you’re someone who experiences anxiety during MRI scans, the procedure can be tough to sit advanced medical imaging in Metuchenthrough. While regular anxiety is normal before this type of procedure, heightened anxiety can cause major distress on your body and make it difficult for the scan to produce accurate results. Here are some common ways in which you can relax during your MRI so your appointment goes smoothly.

Practice breathing techniques – This is not only something that can be used to ease everyday anxiety, but it’s extremely helpful for those who experience this during an MRI. Practicing breathing techniques such as deeply inhaling for 10 seconds and slowly exhaling for another 10 seconds can help to soothe your fears during the procedure.

Listen to music – At our radiology center, we offer the option of listening to relaxing music during your procedure in efforts to calm your nerves during the MRI. Listening to any type of music, whether it’s tranquil or just your favorite song, can help to elevate your fears of the procedure and allow your body to relax a little more.

Bring a loved one – Additionally at our MRI facility, we offer our patients the opportunity to bring a loved one with them during the procedure. Bringing a friend or family member along for your scan can help to comfort you and allow you to relax as you know they’re right there if you need them.

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