Learn About Our Closed MRI Machine

wide bore 3T Magnetom Skyra MRIWoodbridge Radiology offers quality diagnostic imaging in New Jersey, including both open and closed MRIs. We are proud to offer the wide bore 3T Magnetom Skyra MRI for our closed MRI option.

Reduced Anxiety & Claustrophobia

The 3T Magnetom Skyra MRI offers a wide-bore design, providing patients with more room inside the machine. This can help reduce anxiety and claustrophobia during the scan, allowing for patients to receive necessary tests more comfortably. Because of the groundbreaking technology used in this machine, the procedure is much shorter as well.

More Accommodating

Our open MRI can accommodate patients of up to 550lbs, meaning that we can provide diagnostic tests for patients of all sizes. We strive to be as inclusive as possible at our facility, which means adopting new technology that is designed to work for a more diverse array of patients.

Making Use of the Latest Technology

Woodbridge Radiology’s 3T MRI offers a combination of Tim 4G’s integrated coil technology and Dot. This top-of-the-line machine provides a complete range of applications to address different needs. The high-quality images produced by this MRI aid doctors in making accurate diagnoses.

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