How Your Doctor Diagnoses Back Pain

back painChronic back pain is a frustrating problem that can seriously impede your day-to-day life. This condition can prevent you from working, getting a good night’s rest, and performing other daily tasks. These are the steps your doctor will go through  to get to the root of your pain:

They Will Ask About Your Daily Activities

The first thing your doctor will investigate is what activities you were doing before the back pain started. If you have been lifting heavy objects or engaging in other strenuous activities, it could help the doctor pinpoint a cause. This will also help them establish a timeline of your pain.

They Will Ask About Your Pain

The type of pain you are experiencing can help your doctor determine the severity of your condition and what part of your back is injured. They might ask if the pain comes and goes or if it steady. They will; also ask you to describe your pain with an adjective like pulsating, achy, or sharp.

They May Send You for Diagnostic Imaging

In many cases, further investigation must be done to discover the cause of your back pain. Your doctor will send you for diagnostic imaging tests which can include X-rays and MRIs. These tests will provide your doctor with a detailed picture of the issue so that they can gain insight on how to treat your pain.

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