How to Prepare for Your CT Scan

If you are coming in for your first CT scan, there are things you need to do to prepare for your procedure. Talking with your physician before

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the procedure should always be the first step, as well as making sure you are following the plan your imaging center gives you leading up to the test, too. Here are some things you may be asked to do before having your CT scan, and how you can prepare for the procedure itself.

Have a list of your medications handy – Before your CT scan, your doctor may instruct you to modify your usage of certain medications you take. However, it is important to come prepared to the procedure with the list of regular medications, the amount, and the frequency in which you take them each day. Having a list is useful not only for your purposes, but to make the process go smoother for you and the technician as well.

Review your instructions on what you can and cannot consume before your scan – A vital part of preparing for your CT scan is reviewing the doctor’s instructions on food and beverage consumption before the test. Much of these directions do depend on what type of CT scan you will be having done, but most require you to abstain from eating and drinking for a particular period of time before the scan.

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