How to Keep your Child Calm before an MRI

child and mother with doctorNo matter how old you are, your first MRI can be a scary experience. As a parent, it can be hard to watch your child go through an uncomfortable or frightening experience. MRIs are safe, and open MRIs are available to help with anxiety and claustrophobia, but a child may not understand. Here are some ways that you can prepare your child for an MRI and keep them calm.

Stay Calm

Before and during your child’s MRI scan, it is essential that you remain calm. Children look to their parents for reassurance when they feel nervous or are facing something they have never encountered before. Show them that you are not nervous, even if you are, and they will likely feel much calmer.

Prepare Them Gently

The thing that is most scary about an MRI for your child is that they don’t know what will happen. You should explain what will happen during the test realistically without showing fear and concern. This way, you can educate them about the process without needing to sugarcoat anything for them. Avoid listing anything that could potentially go wrong, and frame the process with positive language.

Request an Open MRI

An open MRI reduces anxiety in many patients, especially children. They will be able to see you throughout the procedure and will not have to deal with any enclosed spaces.

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