Hitachi 1.2T High Field Bore-Less Open MRI Offers Comfort & More Space for Patients

So many factors go into making and choosing an MRI machine for an imaging center in New Jersey –everything from cost to quality of images to patient comfort. We weighed all of these factors and more when choosing the Hitachi 1.2T High Field Bore-Less Open MRI for our center.

This diagnostic imaging machine produces high-quality, high-resolution images, which is just what our radiologists need to see problems or irregularities inside your body. These clear, crisp images provide the information our doctors need to make accurate diagnoses and recommend effective treatment.

Those quality images benefit all. One of the advantages is the openness of the machine. It is almost like being in a very short tunnel, closed on the side, but open in the front and back. This works well for our patients who are nervous about medical equipment in general, but especially for those with claustrophobia.

This open MRI offers a spacious fit for patients who don’t like being closed in, as well as those who are taller or larger than average for it accommodates weights up to 660 pounds. Add up all of these benefits, plus a shortened scan time, and you see why our MRI machine is appreciated by doctors and patients alike.

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