Determining Who Would Benefit from an Open MRI

When it comes to advanced medical imaging in Metuchen, our staff at Woodbridge Radiology is the most skilled in making sure your advanced medical imaging in Metuchenexperience at our facility is comfortable and easy. One of the things we are most proud of at our facility is offering open MRI services to our patients, which provides a unique, less constraining testing environment compared to other traditional MRI procedures. Here are a few examples of patients who would benefit most from an open MRI experience.

Patients who have mobility issues – One of the most common situations in which someone could benefit from an open MRI is if they have issues with mobility or are disabled. Patients who are elderly and have the assistance of a walker could benefit from the open environment since they might not be able to adjust themselves when the technician needs them to. Patients who use a wheelchair could also benefit from an open MRI as well so that technicians can assist them without the confines of a traditional MRI.

Patients who suffer from anxiety – If you suffer from anxiety and are unsure of how you will react in a closed, tight space, an open MRI might be the right route for you. Some patients, regardless of what their anxiety is usually centered around, can have heightened levels during a regular MRI because of the close space. An open MRI is naturally the right option for those who have claustrophobia, but it is usually a good option for other patients who suffer from anxiety in general.

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