Determining What Type of Radiology You Need

Edison radiologyYour health is our biggest priority at Woodbridge Radiology, with your comfort being the next one. When it’s time to decide on what type of radiology or medical imaging you need, consulting with your doctor is the best route in finalizing it. However, here are a just a few different types of medical imaging and what the can look at, so you know how to proceed with your physician.

CT Scans – A CT Scan, or a computer tomography scan, is a multi-level medical imaging scan. It combines various angles of your body, using a few different types of imaging methods, and puts it all together in a comprehensive, detailed view. It’s generally used to look at tumors, heart and vascular health issues, as well as being a diagnostic procedure for other conditions.

Ultrasounds – While this is something that is commonly used during a woman’s pregnancy, ultrasounds are also used in other ways as well. This type of medical imaging uses high-frequency sound waves that echo throughout the body, turning those echoes into a diagnostic image. Ultrasounds can be used diagnostically in finding infections or areas of swelling in the body, as well as for heart and vascular health too.

MRI – One of the most common types of medical imaging, an MRI can detect a variety of different issues within your body using a magnetic field and radio waves to provide a detailed image. An MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, can detect a multitude of conditions and healthy problems, such as spinal injuries, ligament and tendon injuries, and issues with blood vessels.

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