Asthma Management Tips for Summer

If you are one of the many Americans who experiences asthma, you also understand how difficult the summer can be if you suffer from this

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disorder. Finding relief during days that are humid, full of pollen, and are very warm temperature-wise is almost impossible with asthma, but luckily, there are tips in managing it to make it easier on yourself this summer season. Here are a few things you can do when the weather gets too warm and your asthma kicks into high gear:

  • Monitor your local weather forecast closely to see days where there are higher than normal temperatures or large drops in the air pressure. Sudden changes in weather, such as going from the high 90’s one day and the low 60’s the next can also trigger asthma in many people.
  • Keep an inhaler with you at all times. If possible, keep an emergency inhaler at the places you frequent the most, such as work, home, or a significant other’s home.
  • Additionally, you also want to store your inhaler somewhere cool in temperature and dry. Places like your car and out in the sun should not be areas where you keep your asthma medication.
  • Take it easy on yourself and do not overdo it on exercise when it is extremely warm and humid outside. Exercise can also trigger asthma and can be especially prone to flare up when the temperatures rise, so keep an eye on how much you are doing during your workouts.

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