All about Digital X-Rays

doctor viewing chest x-ray on tabletA digital X-ray is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses a low dose of radiation to create images of internal structures within your body. The radiation used cannot pass through hard structures like bone, and only partially passes through organs. Areas where the radiation can pass through appear black on the scan, bones appear in white, and organs appear gray.

How X-Rays Are Used

The low dose of radiation from the X-rays cannot pass through bone, enabling the radiologist to spot fractures and breaks. An X-ray can also be used to:

  • Find foreign objects within the body
  • Identify tumors and other abnormal masses
  • Measure bone density to diagnose osteoporosis
  • Diagnose pneumonia, tuberculosis and even lung cancer
  • Identify kidney and gallstones
  • Find signs of heart and lung failure

X-rays are also used in dental applications to find cavities and track the development of your teeth.

Low Dose Digital X-Rays at Woodbridge Radiology

When you need diagnostic imaging in New Jersey, like a digital X-ray, trust the team at Woodbridge Radiology. We provide our patients with the best equipment available, making use of the latest medical advancements to ensure the safest, most accurate scans. Our digital X-ray machine uses an extremely low dose of radiation and can our easily manipulated images provide a more precise diagnostic interpretation.

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