About Our Hitachi 3T MRI Machine

Hitachi has become one of the most trusted brands when it comes to creating comfortable and effective technology for radiology in Edison, NJ. Their 3T MRI Machine, the very same used here at Woodbridge Radiology, is one of their most impressive machines yet. What makes it so remarkable? The answer is a simple one—it features a groundbreaking combination of Tim 4G’s integrated coil technology and Dot, which has quickly become the next movement in the MRI industry.

Comfortable for patients of all sizes, this radiology technology offers a full range of different applications and technologies making it easier for our doctors to address your different health needs. At the same time, thanks to its top-of-the-line, 70 cm bore 3T system; this machine delivers high-quality examination portfolios. These sharp images are the key to quickly diagnosing your health issues.

A Better MRI

The Hitachi 3T MRI Machine is a revolution in MRI technology. It is designed to not only help doctors make more accurate diagnoses for patients but also to help patients feel more comfortable during the MRI process. From its more comfortable size, which helps to reduce anxiety, to the speed with which it scans, even patients can tell the positive difference the Hitachi 3T makes on their experience.

Take advantage of technological developments in radiology in Edison, NJ, when you book your MRI appointment at 732-326-1515.