64-Slice CT Scanner – Diagnostic Imaging in Metuchen, NJ

A CT scan, which stands for computer tomography scan, uses digital imaging to provide detailed images of what’s happening in a patient’s body. However unlike the standard X-ray, CT scans put together cross-sectional images using the machine’s gantry, or the large, round opening for the scanner, to take pictures around the body. Our 64-Slice CT scanner is truly the epitome of advanced medical imaging in Metuchen, because it can provide an even more detailed view of the body’s tissues and blood vessels than ever before.

The 64-slice CT scanner at Woodbridge Radiology is not only cutting-edge in terms of technology, but in patient comfort and accuracy of the testing as well. The low-dose of radiation used in this particular type of diagnostic imaging in Metuchen, NJ makes for a more comfortable environment for patients and radiology technicians alike. Even though the radiation used to power our 64-slice CT scan is lower than other types of imaging, it doesn’t compromise the accuracy and clarity of your test results.

If you’re looking for more information about our 64-slice CT scanner or any other testing, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Woodbridge Radiology today.