5 More Benefits of an Open MRI

radiologistIn our last post, we shared five benefits of open MRIs. Here are five more reasons that you should consider going for an open MRI the next time you need a scan:

They Allow for Patient Support – Some patients need extra support during a scan due to a variety of issues. With an open MRI, the patient can have someone there to hold their hand.

They’re Just as Advanced – Over the years, open MRIs have become just as advanced as closed MRIs, likely due to their rise in popularity. Woodbridge Radiology is proud to say that we offer the latest technological advancements when it comes to diagnostic imaging.

Patients Experience Fewer Side Effects – Because of the anxiety that many patients experience in a closed MRI, they can leave the scan feeling frazzled and drained, and may have to rely on medication. An Open MRI significantly reduces patient anxiety so that they can move on with their days without the side effects of an anxiety attack lingering on for the rest of the day.

They Tend to Be More Affordable – Open MRI scans have a tendency to be less expensive than a closed MRI scan, so using this type of MRI machine save the patient money. Not having to spend as much on the scan contributes to the patient’s comfort and overall satisfaction.

They Produce Better Results Faster – Open MRIs can produce better images due to the increased lateral table movement. They can position the patient in the ideal way, and they can get a better position on the area being scanned.

When you need an MRI, choose an open MRI at Woodbridge Radiology. Schedule your appointment for diagnostic imaging in New Jersey online or call us at 732-326-1515.