5 Benefits of an Open MRI

Woodbridge Radiology offers open MRIs because of the significant value that they provide to our patients. Here are five ways that an open MRI can be beneficial for patients:

It is an Option for a Majority of Patients – Our facility is all about providing the most comfort and the best results to our patients. We use open MRIs because they are able to accommodate a majority of people.

They Help with Claustrophobia – Patients with claustrophobia might feel distressed and anxious in a closed MRI. Open MRIs can help these patients feel more relaxed.

They Accommodate Patients of all Shapes and Sizes – Closed MRIs are narrow, and some patients simply cannot fit. Not only is this an embarrassing situation for the patient, but it may also prevent a necessary diagnostic scan. Open MRIs can accommodate patients of any size so that everyone can get their scans in comfort.

They Are Accessible – If you are living with mobility issues, getting in and out of a closed MRI is challenging or impossible. Open MRIs give better access so getting patients into and out of the machine and repositioning them during a scan is much easier.

They’re Better for Kids – Kids have a hard time staying still under normal circumstances, and it may be worse if the child is anxious about going into an MRI. An open MRI can help them stay relaxed because they are not closed in.

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