Additional Resources for Woodbridge Radiology in Iselin, NJ

It can be very nerve-wracking to worry about a test or procedure when you don’t know enough about what your physician or the professionals are looking for. We, at Woodbridge Radiology would like to give our patients the most information possible so that you feel as comfortable as possible upon entering our facility.

Our trained Radiology professionals are at the forefront of their field and are committed to patient care and well being. Our facility is perfect for patients suffering from claustrophobia, as well as weight or size restrictions that could prohibit them from receiving a regular MRI within an enclosed capsule.

Our technicians provide relaxing music during the testing, as well as the option to bring a loved one into the procedure with you, when applicable. Exceptions include circumstances where a family member or loved one has a pace maker, is pregnant in the first trimester, or has another metal medical device implanted. Safety is our primary concern during your radiology tests.

Asbestos exposure causes thousands of cases of pleural mesothelioma in the United States each year, and our mission is to help the families affected by this cancer. The Pleural Mesothelioma Center offers free assistance and resources to anyone coping with pleural mesothelioma. For more information please visit

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